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I’ll stop using Facebook for a while

I’ve been spending too much time on Facebook recently. And it really terrified me about the number of hours I wasted my life on this social network when I grabbed pen and paper and do some calculations:

– Generally, there are 52 weeks or 365 days per year
– In normal weekday, I spend from 1 to 1.5 hours on Facebook. Let’s take 1.5 hours into account
– In weekend, I usually spend not less than 4 hours
– So 52 weeks, 52 weekends, 104 days => (104 * 4) = 416 hours on Facebook
– Remaining (365 – 104) = 261 days => (261 * 1.5) = 391.5 hours on Facebook
– So totally I will waste (416 + 391.5) = 807.5 fucking hours (maybe more) on this fucking social network per year!

Facebook should win the prize for the amount of useless information it contains. People go there, complaining about their life, their family, their boss, or the restaurant they just had dinner, …. Sometimes they post photos about their cats, dogs, their lifestyle, their love, the book they just bought, some new clothes they got from a sale store, a gift from friend, … The list will never be complete. One of the most ridiculous things about Facebook is that sometimes there is a guy which you never met before in person but talk to each other like real close friends.

But I discovered that the problem is not Facebook. The problem is myself – it is me that lack of the ability to control myself from surfing it and get addicted to whatever people posted there. I just couldn’t stop myself from reading those useless information and make my brain overloaded.

So I will deactivate my account after this blog post. I am not sure when I will use Facebook again, maybe that’s when I need some marketing environment for my startup company. Sure it’s not easy. It needs lots of courage to stop using Facebook. But I will try to think about 807.5 hours per year I can save for myself and how much knowledge I will be able to learn from that amount of time. Maybe it’s also an opportunity for me to force myself to be more active on my social life, talk to people I want to talk to instead of doing some chit chat.

For those who want to reach out to me, drop me an email (vumaihoan@gmail.com). I will be active on Quora and rarely on Twitter (@hoanvu01), recently I found that Twitter is really a valuable resource if you follow the right people.


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June 28, 2015 at 9:08 am

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