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A productive day

Go home after a long working day, but still feel full of energy so decided to write this post.

It has been a long time since I had a productive like today. The amount of works I had to accomplish at my current company in more than 2 weeks can be combined by several years working at Microsoft. But the last 2 weeks, I called them busy days, not productive, because I had to do lots of things, solved lots of problems, days past by so fast, but I still felt bored.

There were days I thought I would not survive this boredom for 2 probation months, even in this top American company. Maybe it’s because I did things so fast that I ran out of things to do. Maybe I’m not a type of guy who want so much money that have to work this hard. I’m not lazy, just don’t want to be a chicken surrounded by office walls trying to earn money I don’t have time to spend.

But today came just like a hero saving me from boredom. I solved problems productively and creatively, got a compliment from my American boss (I have another English boss which is very annyoing 🙂 ). And the best part is, always get encouraging messages from my Girl :*

I felt a little bit up right now, will try to keep it last for sometimes and will try not to leave the job soon, ’cause it would screw my CV badly :))



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October 5, 2016 at 12:57 am

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